transfomrer lamination (EI CORE) stacking machine

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EI stacking machine
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    Hand operated EI stacking machine easy operation to save time and labor work


    • EI stacking machine :transformer EI lmaination stacking machine

    Key Features

    Maxocean Corp., manufactured Taiwan first set of transformer lamination stacking machine with the best quality and reliable machines and equipment for customers.

    EI LAMINATION STACKING MACHINE hand operated type with the transmission device: the machine stacked with lamination sheet into the winding bobbin, reach the standard sheet quantity, the stacking machine will stop sending the lamination out from the rest, avoid the lamination to be bent and damage the winding bobbins. The "Stopper device" protect the lamination turn back and jammed.

    This machine can be fabricated For E-19 , E24. E 25.4 , EI- 28, EI-35,EI-41, EI-48,EI-54,EI-57, EI-60, EI-66, EI-76.2, EI-85.8, EI-95, EI-96,EI-102,EI-105,EI-111 EI-114,EI-120,EI-130, EI-133, EI-177.

    Each size of EI needs one machine.

    Main Export Market

    Argentina ,Australia ,Bangladesh ,Chile ,Colombia ,Ecuador ,India ,Indonesia ,Mainland China ,N-AMERICA ,Peru ,State of Palestine ,Taiwan ,Thailand ,United States ,Venezuela ,Viet Nam

    Payment Details

    • Payment Terms:TT ,L/C
    • Minimum Order:1 Piece(s)